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This Consumer Resolution Bundle, is designed to empower you on your financial journey! This 5-letter digital package includes meticulously crafted letter templates targeting credit discrepancies. Each letter is strategically designed to adhere to consumer protection laws, ensuring a robust approach to credit resolution.


Our bundle also includes direct links to relevant consumer laws, providing you with valuable insights and references to bolster your credit resolution strategy.

Unlock financial freedom today with our 5-Letter Resolution Bundle – a roadmap to consumer empowerment

Resolution Templates

$75.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Consumer Templates:

    The templates are for informational purposes only, not legal or financial advice. Their use doesn't guarantee outcomes, and results may vary. Users should consult a qualified professional before implementing credit repair strategies. Template creators aren't responsible for information accuracy or completeness. Users agree to use them at their own risk.

    General Disclaimer:

    Content isn't exhaustive, and laws may change. Users are responsible for staying informed and seeking professional advice. Creators disclaim liability for damages or losses from using consumer templates or  recoupment process information.

    No Client-Consultant Relationship:

    Use doesn't establish a client-consultant relationship. Any communication doesn't create a professional relationship unless agreed upon in writing.

    Changes to Disclaimer:

    Creators reserve the right to modify this disclaimer without notice. Users should review it periodically for changes.

    By using the consumer templates and  recoupment process information, users acknowledge reading, understanding, and agreeing to this disclaimer.


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